How to eat a vegan day?

1. What is a full-moon vegetarian diet?

Full moon day, also known as expectation day, means to look far ahead, moon day and sun are symmetrical at the two farthest poles of the month. The ancient people said that: fasting on the full moon day helps illuminate all hearts, people become clear and transparent; repel all the darkness in the heart.

What is a full-moon vegetarian diet?

According to Buddhism, Buddhists encourage vegetarians and vegans as much as possible. If anyone cannot implement the vegetarian diet, then go vegetarian for 2 days in the month, which is the 1st and the full moon day, in order to cultivate merit, quickly reach the realm of bliss.

2. The origin of full-moon vegetarianism

The full moon day of each month is the most beautiful and full moon time. Ancient people from ancient times often used that day to celebrate festivals, considered as a day of fun, but also a suitable time for vegetarianism to keep the purity.

In addition, a macrobiotic vegetarian diet is also applied on this day. The full moon every month is when the human spirit easily becomes soft, the temperament can be abnormal and difficult to control. Many statistics also show that the number of crimes on the 15th day of the lunar month is higher than that of normal days, so a vegetarian diet helps to have a peaceful and pleasant mood to avoid causing disasters.

Some people believe that the full-moon vegetarian diet has existed since ancient times. The tools have preserved the tradition until now.

3. Full full moon day vegetarian menu

The full moon tray is very interested in and noticed by people. Because, this is also how we show our devotion to our ancestors. Vegetarian tray is considered complete when it can guarantee 3 dishes: main dish, side dish and dessert.

+ For main dishes: You should choose stir-fried, steamed, and stewed dishes such as vegetarian fish stock, mixed stir-fried vegetables, tofu soup….

+ For side dish: can side dish be eaten egg? Can vegetarians eat eggs? The simple dishes or served as salad, boiled potatoes,….

Desserts: After eating, you will have dessert with fruits, vegetarian pastries….

Looking forward to sharing what is the full moon day? You have understood more about vegetarian food in general and full-moon vegetarian food in particular.

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