6 things to note when starting a vegetarian diet

Being vegetarian starting from a voluntary and loving basis will lead to a good, healthy lifestyle! 6 things below will help you feel the vegetarian diet easier.

1. Be generous when you are vegetarian

Eliminate prejudice in the old-fashioned way of vegetarianism such as: vegetarian diet is only for spiritual practitioners, vegetarian diet causes body weakness, lack of nutrients, vegetarian diet is boring and gets tired quickly … tofu, boiled vegetables, sauteed or soy sauce!

Vegetarian cuisine is now very diverse, vegetarian dishes are inferior to salty foods. Enough substances for daily activities too

2. Fasting starts from a small habit

Gradually practice a vegetarian diet, do not immediately switch to a vegetarian diet. Mental preparation, food preparation, nutritional knowledge, to maintain the vegetarian habit. The switch is immediately unfamiliar to the body for the first time. Reversing life as well as nutrition, easily causing depression and stress when fasting.


– Remove each group of meat: remove red meat (beef, buffalo, sheep, pork …), remove white meat (poultry), remove seafood. Eliminating groups of meat helps your body get used to a new diet.

– Skipping salty meals: Take turns skipping 1 meal a day for a vegetarian diet, improving gradually until you get used to and like the new diet. Then quit by day: from 2 days, 4 days, 10 days …

3. Gradual change in green lifestyle

Green Living is a phrase commonly used in modern society. People with green lifestyles are people who love nature, living in a minimalistic manner, protecting the environment and animals. Responding to the Earth’s greening movements, including vegetarianism. Vegetarianism has always been associated with Green lifestyle. But changing too quickly will upset the way we live. Affect friends and relatives. Make yourself isolated and behave too harshly than necessary.

4. Stay away from processed vegetarian foods and industrial foods

Industrial and processed vegetarian foods are often composed of powders, flavorings, flavors, give toughness, flexibility, preservatives, and very few vegetables, fiber as well as micronutrients, and nutrients. good for health.

Instead, we should choose reputable vegetarian restaurants, cooked in the kitchen and do not use industrial food. Although there is a little wait in the process of preparing food, but ensuring health during vegetarian days. A vegetarian diet with low amounts of nutrients is very dangerous to health!

5. Learn some vegetarian recipes by yourself.

It is not always possible to find a good vegetarian restaurant, when you are traveling or for business or when you are busy at home, unable to go to the store! Please research and prepare for yourself delicious vegetarian meals to enjoy instead of choosing reputable vegetarian restaurants ..

6. Listen to your body

Because changing the diet properly, even if it is right, will have a lot of impact on lifestyle and health. Do you feel tired when you are a vegetarian? Do you feel sleepy? Are you hungry? Because calories, protein, fat are somewhat limited than meats, fish … Therefore, you must listen to your body to add vitamins or optimal protein from plants (potatoes, fruits, oats Barley, cereals …) are essential for a healthy vegetarian diet.

And the most important thing is the will, goal and the reason why you choose vegetarian food. Having a love and a desire to change a new lifestyle has enough motivation to step the path of choosing vegetarian food as everyday food!

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